SNOW MASTERS ski & board school is a licensed member of the BPSI – Association “Bulgarian Professional Ski Instructors” and Bulgarian Ski School Association

The instructor has the right to cancel the lesson.
The instructor is not responsible for any faults, injuries and damages due to:
– Actions, differing from given instruction;
– Collisions or damages on and off the ski runs / slopes, caused by third party;
– Any actions by representatives of the Mountain Rescue Service, Ski Patrol and First Aid;
– Malfunction or emergency of the lift facilities;
– The client’s incautious actions in the use of the lift facilities;
– Unexpected dangers, objects, obstacles, which have to be marked and secured by the Resort;
– By equipment failure or inappropriate choice of equipment.

Responsibility limits
– The instructor organizes the skiing/snowboarding lesson according to the client’s age and physical condition.
– The instructor specifies the difficulty of the routes / slopes and the training elements according to the declared skiing / snowboarding skills and ability for using the lift facilities.
– The instructor has the right to define the client’s physical condition and skiing / snowboarding skills himself if they differ from the declared once.
– The client has to obey the 10 FIS (International Ski Federation) Rules on the slope.
– During the lesson the client has to follow the instructor’s instructions for the skiing / snowboarding technique, route / slope choice, and safety advises for descending and stopping on the ski run.
– If the instructor decides that the client is not in acceptable physical or mental condition due to the use of alcohol, drugs or any medicines.

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